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Our Work

Examples of training scenarios to which we add value:

  • Interview skills:
  • Two candidates (professional actors) apply for a post. Course delegates learn to interview the contrasting personality types and to elicit evidence against the required criteria
  • Giving difficult feedback:
  • A forum theatre workshop helps managers to prepare for difficult conversations with their team e.g. poor results, lack of bonus, redundancy
  • Diversity and culture:
  • A scene is played where inappropriate language is used relating to race, religion or sexual preferences. Delegates learn to spot it and tackle it
  • Staff appraisals:
  • Delegates watch an appraisal, analyse it, direct improvements
    and try it themselves

    "I recommend Oxford Roleplay to anyone who wants to add dynamism and impact to management development workshops.”

    Ira Morris, Senior Director Leadership and Organisation Development:
    Europe and JAPAN Asia Pacific, Genzyme – a Sanofi company

    Projects development and quality control

    • 90% of clients are found through recommendations
    • Some clients already know how they want to use actors. In this case we can offer value by bringing new eyes and our experience
    • On other occasions we contribute from the early stages to design and delivery
    • We work with clients to clarify objectives, measures of performance and in regular reviews

    What makes Oxford Roleplay different?

    • Since 1999 we have gone to enormous lengths to delight our clients. We add real business value
    • Our long-term clients come to rely upon us to improve their projects and improvise when they need solutions quickly
    • We are in a unique position with contacts to draw upon from our sister company,
      Creation Theatre Company
    • Our management have real experience of running a business with complex and commercial issues

    We stick to what we are good at

    We provide great actors as a business resource, and let clients do what they are good at; business psychology and training.

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