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We add value to business training and management development events using the skills of professional actors.

  • Management development
  • Team development
  • Appraisals
  • Sales training
  • Assessment centres
  • Diversity awareness
  • DVDs, CD ROMS, voice overs
  • Conferences

"Oxford Roleplay actors bring the subject to life …an added dimension which could not be achieved by any other means"

Binna Kandola
Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola Occupational Psychologists

What is Role Play?

  • A simulation exercise often devised by a business psychologist or trainer
  • A tool to practice and develop human interaction skills in a safe environment
  • A method that can also be used as part of an assessment of job applicants or high flyers

Why use Actors?

  • Bring human interactions to life
  • Ensure consistency in assessment centres and training events
  • Create a safe environment for skills development
  • Make events truly memorable
  • Cut out the embarrassment and politics seen when staff role play against colleagues
  • Deliver better value for money than using busy staff or HR managers as role players

Who are our clients?

Since 1999 we have provided actors at over 1,000 events throughout the UK and in Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany in numerous sectors.

From autumn 2011 we are also in Norway.
  • Banking and finance
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Civil service and public sector
  • Higher education
  • Transport
  • Medicine
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